Library: The secret to equitable learning opportunities

Our school library offers books in multiple varieties. It has a wonderful stock of books. It has separate sections for each book subject category. The children book section of library has a lot of good books. It has novels, literature books, history books, old magazines, research papers, journals etc. The chief objective of library is to meet the academic needs of the students. Besides serving students in their studies and teachers in their research school, libraries aim at creating interest in reading amongst the students who get the best of resources and environment here.


We have a composite science lab for physics, chemistry & Biology. Our laboratory is equipped with the most modern, standard and sophisticated equipment. The apparatuses are available in abundance. The chemicals and specimens available are always fresh and latest. Every scientific concept is clarified in the laboratory by our highly educated teachers.

Computer Lab:

Well-designed computer lab run by a well-educated and specialist computer teacher, with one-on-one access, which means there is one computer for each child. With computer skills students adapt to a modern approach to learning, they gain knowledge as well as learn new skills so that they can take up challenges like cyber Olympiads, quiz competitions etc

Medical care:

The school has a well-equipped and cheerful clinic with a qualified nurse who takes care of the health and well-being of our students. Students undergo regular growth assessments medical check-ups, and a health record is maintained for each student. While routine first aid is administered by the units, any emergency is referred to the nearby JSPL Hospital.

Art & Craft Room:

The school is equipped with an Art & Craft Room where the creative surge of the student finds expression in varying forms. It provides a whetstone to home their building talents. The students are geared to excel in their artistic calibre by a team of experts. The art & Craft Room boasts of a proud collection of Artwork from Class I to Class X.

Activity Hall:

A multipurpose Activity Hall is available which provides a conducive environment for conducting events like conferences, seminars, workshops, debates, quizzes, meetings, etc. The room can also be doubled up as a place for yoga and dance with ease can be changed back into an area ready for activities.


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